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Delayed Fireball Friday! 5.13.2008

Hey I guess that spell had a 20th level caster, huh?


Alright shitty joke. On with the links:

+I was emailing with Vishon about his decision about making his own game system for his setting, Clashland, and I applaud his for it. The fact is that game system, to me, are a way to a means, and it just comes down to your DM/GM, players and setting to bring the fun out. Believe me, my gaming group has shitted themselves on straight D20 at times and it just end up being a dice roll to get that critical thing to be done. Vishon has some good ideas though, and I’m anticipating some awesome stuff soon.

+Got a head up fo some new feature on Gleemax on this review. Hopefully it will be the place for table top gaming folks ot get together plus that whole 4th edition D&D thing, right?

+Kieth Baker and4th Edition Eberron!

+Largest collections of Games PURCHASED? Wow……impressive….in a RPG gamer kind of way…

+ My kingdom for FEL LOTUS!

+It’s so true: They’re is a Murphy’s Law to DMing and D&D. My favorite it number No.8: Players will always try to kill the friendliest NPC.

+ooh, lots of 4th edition stuff right here

+Great gaming blog at  When Squirrels Attack!

+This is very cool: The Heroes and Monsters Blog is sort of a collection of classic movie heroes and viallains with stats. Now it ain’t no D&D sort of stats nothing to official but enough info for you to adapt characters and such to your game.

There’s more links than that, but I really have to get back to work. Heck, I wish I could write some better quips here and there too, but I have tog et to working on some NPCs for this Thursday!

(Side note: this thing was originally written on Friday the 11th but due to WordPress Maintenance, was setroyed halfway through, which originally had 22 links up! GRAH!)


Fireball Fridays 4.25.2008

At the Airport waiting to leave Rockford back to Miami, luckily, thank the Dark Seven, they have WI-fi so might as well take these two hours to write up some stuff.

+yeah I know yesterday was the first break form NPC Thursdays I’ve had here but unfortunately I’ve had a bunch of travelling to do and just didn’t let me really work on it. I’m gonna really aim for getting somthing up today, so be on the look out.

+You want maps? Maps, baby.

+ A little thing on Analog gaming

+I am workin on the maps for all the sites and sounds of Borel. Getting through all the mire of it, it’s really so uncomplicated it just takes a lot of drawing. RIght now I’m trying to see about an interface for everythin, but that a long stage goal once I have everyything in step then I’ll see about putting in the huge city interface in.


+Dragonbreath’s script is awesome right now and I’m really excited about gttting to draw it already, but again travel plans and such have hindering a bit so once I’m back i hope to get osme good chunky days of drawing.

+Remember the “Choose your Adventure” books? Here’s a sweet look at some of the Steve Jackson version that have come out in the past.

+Did you hear/read about this shit with WOTC and 4th edition licensing? I mean I really, really don’t care. I see why WOTC said what they said, and I understand the reaction, but c’mon folks, you don’t see it? If WOTC makes 4th edition and say companies are making supplements for it, wouldn’t it defeat the selling of 4th edition if those same companies keep producing 3.5 stuff? The whats the point? Now I dig what say Paizo is doing, and making they’re own brand while building on the 3.5 stuff, and it even looks hella good (especially with the Wayne Reynolds art) but really we shouldn’t worry as consumers, because it just means people will by working harder to get our buck, and as creators it just means we have more avenues to make and sell so much more.

+D&D Fundraising?

+ QUESTION: to all you folks out there, what is some of the music you guys like to put on during D&D? Sure we all like the LOTR soundtrack or the Conan soundtrack but what else? I use a lot of Iron Maiden, Rammstein, and other heavy but rhythmic stuff, something to signify battle. When I used to play as a kid, we would put on Slayer and Cannibal Corpse on for fight scenes. What do you guys like?

+ Reincarnation in D&D and:

Bard rock
+Video coverage on the upcoming 4th edition G4’s MMO report

Now to see if i can get home today!



Ah TKIF! (Thank KORD it’s friday!)

So been monkeying around a bit, looking through stack of old article ideas and campaign notes to se what else will be a feature for The Vomiting Dragon, and so soon I hope to have other features on here. NPC Thursdays is going storng hopefullly will ge the more managed to. But heres the thing: I am not to up to snuff on game mechanics all the time. Yeah a real ball buster right? So I’m looking for folks who may want to write up stuff for the Dragon, mostly looking for someone who can write up magic items, their characteristics and stats. I have ideas for Magic Items but obviously if you have stuff in your noggin to put up I’m more than glad, i just want to illustrate them while we put them up. Also for Monsters and PC Races but maybe even into NPCs, Feats, Etc. I fyou got any ideas reply to this psot or just hit me up with an email at secretmediagroup at

+One of the cooler ways you can use a blog or this series of tubes for your RPG game is by recording sessions and such. Some of them become little stories with all so many details and others become full blown first person narratives and others devote whole blogs too, but all are great to read and sort educate yourself on other peoples games and how they do things.

+If your a world builder, and you know I am, check out this article on Spiral World Building over at Roleplaying Tips, which is a really cool and open way of making your gaming world start to take life.

+Great review of the new Pathfinder RPG Alpha book that came out, on RM’s rpg blog

+Fucking insane review of the olde Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom from 1993



The Vomiting Dragon: FIREBALL FRIDAYS! 4/11/08

Ok so another thing I’m going to hope to keep doing on here is the “Friday Fireball!” which will generally be have links of whats going on D20/D&D wise and also with the site and with Dragonbreath.

1- “Dragonbreath” right now is being worked on. I’ve had some serious thoughts in the direction I want to take the comic, but decided to take all directions, but just in a certain order. So with that in mind a lot of small re-writes but overall, no real changes to the art It will still be the silly fucking thing that it is, just with an actual story involved…..I think…

2-NPC Thursdays is being worked on if only to give myself a little bit of buffer in between various works I’m doing. It’s really not hard just making up a character and give it a voice, at least for me. My thing is that at times I just know when to stop. I have to also go back and put devides on them so that the long intros don’t really mess up the flow of this page Also look for the overall plot running through them and how they tie here and there with Dragonbreath later on

3-It’s sorta funny to me, almost always, when something ike D&D or comics or certain music (Metal, Industrial, etc.) gets noticed in the mainstream media. Almost always they have it garrishly wrong, and have insipid surface-only point of views. In comics they always reference the old Batman tv series with dumb-shit titles like “Bam, Boom, Pow Comics!” or in music, they have either “teehee” angle on Goth stuff, like saying “how silly!” or if they look at metal they put on the Hallowen decorations and talk about how “dark” some faggoty limp wristed new metal band. So when they cover D&D, I noticed they seems ot be at odds and have to write honestly about it, and one can tell when the writer has had any XP with the game (get it? der-her!). Still though this article did shed a good light on the upcoming 4th edition and how for the veteran gamers still playing, the people getting into it now, and even those who may have hung up their Vorpal Sword a long time ago can come back to the game, and make it better than ever. The last part where the schmuck “if you were any kind of nerd, you played D&D” makes me want circle kick him in the nads though.

4-In other news, they’ll be a little D&D skit thing in an upcoming 30 Rock: On the difference between herself and her character: “I definitely am a nerd in real life, (but) I think Liz might be a bigger nerd than me. One of the writers, in an upcoming episode, (wrote) a flashback of her playing Dungeons Dragons in college. I never played Dungeons and Dragons. That kind of sucks…talk about breaking a guys’ illusion. Way to go Tina Fucking Fey!

5-One of the better “Kids-coming-of-age-into-D&D” stories I’ve heard. And I can understand being a jerk with them too, since well I would be too if I had kids. Actually I’d be a real ashole.

6-Another “Old Geek shows Young Geek” moment, but in support of turn off the screen week. You know in the near future, many garage sale will bereft with D&D stuff, all over the place.

7-You know they should just make a permanent sculpture of D20 there both for the students and in honor of Gygax

8-” Re: D&D 4th :: My Paladin Hurls You Into The Sun!” is the best D&D forum thread title I have ever seen….and a good suggestion.

9- “Dungeons of Dread” Miniature supplement out and with 4th edition rules. I‘m not partial to the WOTC miniatures, really (I like the old “Chainmail” figures though) . Never been a huge CLIX fan either so I’m not too excited, thought it would be cool to buy it just to see some of the rules.

10-And finally a review of the actual D&D Insider program that’ll come out with the D&D game. It looks fucking great, and I’m really digging the character generator. Of course my one fucking complaint is that WOTC decided people who use MACS AREN’T WORTH MAKING A VERSION FOR! GAAAH!

Well thats it for now, I have to work this weekend so I maybe a bit off the radar, but in the meantime, please make with the clicks and tell me whats up! See ya later, Mindflayer!

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