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Zombie Years premieres this wednesday


2390 W. 78 ST.  HIALEAH FL, 33016

PH. 305.343.3577 |

The Zombie Years Premiere this Wednesday the 19th!

MIAMI, FL  January 19, 2009 – This Wednesday, come see Juan Navarro’s newest Webcomic Book endeavor “Zombie Years Premiere, with an 8 page preview and loads of extras at!

Zombie Years takes place in a near future Miami Florida, where the sky has fallen, the Gods have fought, Jesus Wept, and the snake has eaten his tail. Humanity if a bug on the windshield, and the sky is wearing down the cities.

The world has ended, but you still gotta eat.

The survivors of the tragedy now try to get along, the daily struggle to survive is the routine and the rule, and everyone watches for the The Fever: a maddening virus that drives people insane, eventually dying from it ….and then coming back.

“It’s just one of those day-dreams put into a story” says series Creator Juan Navarro, “After watching endless Zombie flicks and reading various survival horror, you begin to wonder how you and your won would test in such an element. Miami would be perfect setting for this, and I think it will be fun to explore the full idea of the Survival Horror scenario with Latino slant to it. Plus some Cuban jokes help too!”

Zombie Years will update every Wednesday every week!


Delayed Fireball Friday! 5.13.2008

Hey I guess that spell had a 20th level caster, huh?


Alright shitty joke. On with the links:

+I was emailing with Vishon about his decision about making his own game system for his setting, Clashland, and I applaud his for it. The fact is that game system, to me, are a way to a means, and it just comes down to your DM/GM, players and setting to bring the fun out. Believe me, my gaming group has shitted themselves on straight D20 at times and it just end up being a dice roll to get that critical thing to be done. Vishon has some good ideas though, and I’m anticipating some awesome stuff soon.

+Got a head up fo some new feature on Gleemax on this review. Hopefully it will be the place for table top gaming folks ot get together plus that whole 4th edition D&D thing, right?

+Kieth Baker and4th Edition Eberron!

+Largest collections of Games PURCHASED? Wow……impressive….in a RPG gamer kind of way…

+ My kingdom for FEL LOTUS!

+It’s so true: They’re is a Murphy’s Law to DMing and D&D. My favorite it number No.8: Players will always try to kill the friendliest NPC.

+ooh, lots of 4th edition stuff right here

+Great gaming blog at  When Squirrels Attack!

+This is very cool: The Heroes and Monsters Blog is sort of a collection of classic movie heroes and viallains with stats. Now it ain’t no D&D sort of stats nothing to official but enough info for you to adapt characters and such to your game.

There’s more links than that, but I really have to get back to work. Heck, I wish I could write some better quips here and there too, but I have tog et to working on some NPCs for this Thursday!

(Side note: this thing was originally written on Friday the 11th but due to WordPress Maintenance, was setroyed halfway through, which originally had 22 links up! GRAH!)

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