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wisdom of the owl strength of the bear!

YouTube – dungeons and dragons rap (ode to gary gygax).

via wisdom of the owl strength of the bear!.


The Vomiting Dragon: FIREBALL FRIDAYS! 4/11/08

Ok so another thing I’m going to hope to keep doing on here is the “Friday Fireball!” which will generally be have links of whats going on D20/D&D wise and also with the site and with Dragonbreath.

1- “Dragonbreath” right now is being worked on. I’ve had some serious thoughts in the direction I want to take the comic, but decided to take all directions, but just in a certain order. So with that in mind a lot of small re-writes but overall, no real changes to the art It will still be the silly fucking thing that it is, just with an actual story involved…..I think…

2-NPC Thursdays is being worked on if only to give myself a little bit of buffer in between various works I’m doing. It’s really not hard just making up a character and give it a voice, at least for me. My thing is that at times I just know when to stop. I have to also go back and put devides on them so that the long intros don’t really mess up the flow of this page Also look for the overall plot running through them and how they tie here and there with Dragonbreath later on

3-It’s sorta funny to me, almost always, when something ike D&D or comics or certain music (Metal, Industrial, etc.) gets noticed in the mainstream media. Almost always they have it garrishly wrong, and have insipid surface-only point of views. In comics they always reference the old Batman tv series with dumb-shit titles like “Bam, Boom, Pow Comics!” or in music, they have either “teehee” angle on Goth stuff, like saying “how silly!” or if they look at metal they put on the Hallowen decorations and talk about how “dark” some faggoty limp wristed new metal band. So when they cover D&D, I noticed they seems ot be at odds and have to write honestly about it, and one can tell when the writer has had any XP with the game (get it? der-her!). Still though this article did shed a good light on the upcoming 4th edition and how for the veteran gamers still playing, the people getting into it now, and even those who may have hung up their Vorpal Sword a long time ago can come back to the game, and make it better than ever. The last part where the schmuck “if you were any kind of nerd, you played D&D” makes me want circle kick him in the nads though.

4-In other news, they’ll be a little D&D skit thing in an upcoming 30 Rock: On the difference between herself and her character: “I definitely am a nerd in real life, (but) I think Liz might be a bigger nerd than me. One of the writers, in an upcoming episode, (wrote) a flashback of her playing Dungeons Dragons in college. I never played Dungeons and Dragons. That kind of sucks…talk about breaking a guys’ illusion. Way to go Tina Fucking Fey!

5-One of the better “Kids-coming-of-age-into-D&D” stories I’ve heard. And I can understand being a jerk with them too, since well I would be too if I had kids. Actually I’d be a real ashole.

6-Another “Old Geek shows Young Geek” moment, but in support of turn off the screen week. You know in the near future, many garage sale will bereft with D&D stuff, all over the place.

7-You know they should just make a permanent sculpture of D20 there both for the students and in honor of Gygax

8-” Re: D&D 4th :: My Paladin Hurls You Into The Sun!” is the best D&D forum thread title I have ever seen….and a good suggestion.

9- “Dungeons of Dread” Miniature supplement out and with 4th edition rules. I‘m not partial to the WOTC miniatures, really (I like the old “Chainmail” figures though) . Never been a huge CLIX fan either so I’m not too excited, thought it would be cool to buy it just to see some of the rules.

10-And finally a review of the actual D&D Insider program that’ll come out with the D&D game. It looks fucking great, and I’m really digging the character generator. Of course my one fucking complaint is that WOTC decided people who use MACS AREN’T WORTH MAKING A VERSION FOR! GAAAH!

Well thats it for now, I have to work this weekend so I maybe a bit off the radar, but in the meantime, please make with the clicks and tell me whats up! See ya later, Mindflayer!


Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008)

Ernest Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008) was an American writer and game designer, best known for co-creating the pioneering role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) with Dave Arneson, and co-founding the company Tactical Studies Rules with Don Kaye in 1974. Gygax is generally acknowledged as the father of the role-playing game.

On March 4th, the Associated Press confirmed reports of Gygax’s death that originally were made by Troll Lord Games, a small role-playing game company Gygax had been working with. He had been in poor health, suffering multiple strokes and a near-heart attack. He died the morning of March 4, 2008 at his home in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

I guess it was his time to join the cosmic, and to finally create with none of these mortal boundaries. A great man with great ideas, he will be missed and remembered. 

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