When you’re sweating like a Succubus in a temple of Heironeus, in different money making schemes, the fun stuff, unlike a Halfling child, tends to suffer. I have been writing and drawing like mad, so to put together a good amount of work so that the ball can keep rolling on my D20 comic book project.

Originally I was posting

I started enthusiastically working with Blogger on this Blog there, but when you start building your infrastructure, little by little, you notice that it gets harder and harder to work outside of it. It’s just better to go with the flow and work in that one area.

D20 what?

Yep, one of those. But not what you think; Dragon Breath was already a natural response to comics for me. I’m a huge fan fan of the Pen & Paper RPG’s and of course, Fanboy to the bone. All the while I make comics everytime I have a chance so naturally all this would and should come together into one thing: DRAGONBREATH, a weekly comic I’ll be putting together for this (hopefully) coming April, alongside some other projects and new launches.

Alongside DragonBreath will also be D20 source guide of sorts, running along side, to give new characters, Magic Items and maybe an occasional plot hook for your own campaigns. It will use 3.5 rules plus maybe a some house rules of my own.

Hoping that it’s not too much ridicule, I will hopefully post synopsis and info on my own gaming group, making notes and such as we go and putting our adventures here. If we get our shit together and have cohesive adventure that don’t involve large body counts of Halfling and Drow AIDS.

Now what is the world of Dragonbreath? Well imagine a smattering of different fantasy worlds all mixed together with an equal part of “The Decline of Western Civilization Part II ” , mixed with the dick of Andrew Dice Clay, and poured on a Stripper who is crying.

Yeah, like that.

I don’t know what this’ll be by the end, but at the VERY least; We’ll have fun.



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