Currently Happening & FIle this under WTF?

So obviously this has been under a bit of a standstill if not an outright fucking slumber. This is of course, due to time. I have a large file folder on my shelf, brimming with notes for Dragon breath , Vomting Dragon and vairous uspplement, adventures, and etc.There is soooo much there, it pisses me off to no fucking end ot to be able to work on it. Hell I even have 3 pencilled pages ready for inks there.

SO I SIT HERE STEWING TO FUCK over not working on this, but currently my hours are filled, and even sleep right now seems to be a bit of an option with the current workload I’m taking on.  Between Zombie Years, Creature Entertainment, and various Freelance work, I have no time. And It’s not that I couldn’t squeeze it in like a Drug Mule, it’s that I want to HAVE the time to do it. I want to be able to really make it as kick ass as i see it, and if I don’t and it happens to come out like shit, well then I would really be mad at myself.

When I get to it, it’ll be beautiful.

Till then, hold on, and no worries, you’ll probably some preliminaries hit my DeviantArt account soon, and maybe even a change of name, here and there (mostly over coincidences like this, that I hope won’t suck) but also the expansion on the idea later.

All in due time, he tells himself, all in due time.

So now i’m going to go smoke a cig, and scream mentally at this wall for a bit, and hopefully soon, we will realize DRAGONBREATH together.

Keep rollin’ them dice…


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