NPC Thursdays: Mikhail the Stick

NPC Thursdays: Mikhail the Stick

“Lanco looked around the busy market street studying the uneven flow of the crowd rushing by him by all sides. He could see all the various faces passing in different forms of attention, some passive, only looking forward as they went, their mind on some menial task. Others walked with attention obviously looking for something or someone within the market. Some faces were open and attentive, yelling and screaming their business however they could hawking their wares.Seeing that no one paid heed to him, Lanco started across the dirty cobblestone street into a section of rag tags tents. Here in theSomner Bazaar were the travelling merchants, a rag tag collection of colorful tents tied together, one by one to various posts. The colorful ceiling rose and fell, 20ft up at times and as low as 4 ft in some sections. Lanco ducked and covered shuffling fast toward the back, the various sights and smells in the bazaar ignored by him as he went to his destination.Lanco was covered in a variety of coats and cloaks, layers bulking up his skinny frame his body jingled and jangled with the load he had, various bobbles andknick knacks he had between the them.

Coming upon a crossroad within the bazaar he looked a bit. One on corner, a Dwarven crone with many missing teeth ( and what teeth she had, she didn’t take good care of) waved he wares at him, a variety of pottery figures and holy symbols in use with a variety of Hedge Magic practices that is used in the poorer neighborhoods. Lanco turned looking for his contact as a halfling on top of a table boasted about how good and big his roasted spicy nuts, all the while holding his crotch to get a laugh form the passing crowds. Still no sign of his contact, Lanco thought about leaving, while a showed various children his wooden toys that bopped in and out of life with a turn of crystal key on them, the children applauding at the sites.

Now a hand clasped his shoulder hard. Lanco looked up to see a large half-orc looking on him, half his face scarred and badly cover by a metal plate with an ofZulzul painted on it.
“This way” it grunted.

Lanco followed, wondering what trouble he bought himself now.
Walking between stalled they came to clearing made of the backs of the tents and here it seemed merchants came to take a break form the bazaar and smoke their pipe and make conversation. One side butted into the Antiquarian House, a four story shadow on from it’s solid 5 foot thick walls.

Looking to the Half-orc, Lanco saw it’s attention was on a small figure walking up to hims. Draped in Black robes, it strode towards the Lanco with a hidden grace. Slightly muffled, it smoke with a whisper.
“Good….day…Mister Lanco. I am Tessona, and I see you have met my associate Grimdurg. We contacted you through your channels because we believe you are in possession of something we seek?”

Lanco was uneasy with this Tessona and even more scared out of his wits with the hulking Half-orc standing next to him, his breath hitting the top of his hat.

“Yes, I was told, through my contacts, that you needed a certain……. Map?” Lanco looked through his robes, opening one flap or another looking for one thing or another. Each time he opened it showed how many artifacts and various magical contraptions he had on his person. A wand here, a staff here, and something that looked like black ink splotches with teeth.
Tessona visibly shifted within her robes, as if looking at something in the sky the rest could not see.
“Yeesssss….. But let us not speak here” she turned to one side as if to accompany Lanco somewhere. As he stepped forward , she draped her arm around his as if they were a couple taking a stroll to the park.
“Let’s us speak in private over here” Tessona smoothly said.
“Uhm, well, yeah, oh we could….”
Lanco looked about now, as if he was watching an invisible bird flying around.
Now a heavy mailed fist slapped against Lanco’s shoulder and the large half-orc roared with a gnarled face.
Lanco could only blink in surprise at the behemoth before him, his breath smelling like Petrol and rotten animal.
“It seems that our associate here has betrayed our trust here Grimdurg” Tessona whispered as audible “Krang” sound snapped under arm and now Lanco could feel something poking through the many layers of cloaks and coats.
A burst of wind seemed to suddenly gust passed them and the Grimdurg suddenly coughed. Lanco and Tessona both turned in surprise to see the half-orc holding his throat, as he coughed blood form his mouth and nose, at the same time trying to get air. Finally he collapsed to the ground, and the air started to blur in front of Lanco.
“Shit…” Tessona said, right before a fist materialised before where her face is, slamming it back so hard she fell backwards into the the thick Antiquarian House walls, collapsing. The owner of the fist stood as still as a statue in front of Lanco. Dusting his hands, he started walking towards the unconsciousGrimdurg with a rope in hand.
“Well, you took yo sweet friggin’ time, didn’t you” Lanco said, his scared posterior now changed into one of indignation at the large muscled man who came to his rescue. It was comedic to see the small homely fence, in his many layers of tattered cloth, trying to scold the statuesque man in a cut down version of the city guard uniform, as he tied up the half-orc, binding his legs and arms wall the while disarming him, in a very practiced rhythm.
“Are you even listening Mikhail? That little Dark Cunt could knicked my gibblets at anytime, you know? They smelled the rat on me!”
Mikhail turned suddenly towards Lanco, who jumped. Anyone in Borel would jump, when a man who was famous for downing a Hill giant using only thumb, moves towards you.
“Then it was a good thing I acted when I acted” Mikhail spoke, his smooth and even both betrayed his exterior with type of kindness one wouldn’t believe the man had.
“Uhm….yes, sure then….well….I guess I can make myself scare then, right?” Lanco said, moving slowly away back towards the tents.
As he did, the tents burst open with City Guardsmen rushing into the make shift court yard, Halberds, Maces and pistols drawn surrounding the two criminals on the floor.Lanoc yelped as they rushed by him in a well practiced rushed march .
“Area secured, sir” one of the Guardsmen bellowed, as he held a mancatcher to the unconscious Tessona‘s throat.
Mikhail walked up now to Lanco who was shoulder to shoulder with some guardsman, who dwarfed him by a foot in stature.
“Forgetting something, Lanco?”, Mikhail opened his hand to Lanco who was now sweating profusely
“oh yesh…uhm…how silly of me, almost forgot…” he produced a scroll case and put it gently in Mikhail‘s hand.
“I didn’t want the Egalatan Library to miss it’s treasure now did I” Mikhail said cracking a grin
:Yes, well, the Pirsigian Sisters tend to be a bit brute about that and…”
Mikhail cut him off ” Stay out of trouble Lanco, and maybe that charge of selling Level 4 Magic items under the Folga Bridge may disappear. If I somehow here you’r making trouble, I’ll have you down in the Lakrakerie pits, taking orders from a sewer jack for the next five years, you hear?”
“Come on now, Malky, don’t be like that, i was just outfitting some Vencha’rers with needed goods! Ya can’t be serious mate, c’mon now…:
“LANCO” Mikhail shot a serious look at him.
“Alright, alright, just trying to save the friendship here, geez Mikhail for a bleeding Street Foot Lawman, you’re a real sack of assholes!”
Mikhail cracked a smile
“Is there any other kind of Lawman?”

Mikhail The Stick is a Famous (or Infamous, by some) City Guardsmen of Borel. He patrols the streets along with his fellow lawmen to make sure that in a city as turbulent and different as Borel, that law and order will be upheld. This is where the City Guard come in, but even within this unique force (Most guardsmen aremulticlassed 2nd Level Fighters, many have a level of rogue or wizard) Mikhail sticks out a one of the few Sergeants who still walk a beat, and also as the only hand to hand combat expert within the bureau. Along with his fellow “Street Foots” he patrols the city and investigates any and all crime.
Mikhail could easily be an adversary as well as an ally to the PCs. Even though not as strict as some of the Paladins of Heiros (LG God of Justice) any type of infraction, especially one that could hurt another person will put him into action against the PC.
He walks his beat through all the neighborhoods and various days, but can be found many time at night standing across the street form the Vomiting Dragon, making sure the rowdy adventurers don’t get out of hand.

Mikhail, The Stick
male human Mnk10; CR 10
HD 10d8+10 hp 70
Init +2 Spd 60 ft;
AC 20, touch 17, flat-footed 18 (+2 Dex,+1 nat,+2 armor enh.,+1 defl.,+4 Mnk)
BAB +7; UBAB +7;
Melee unarmed +11/+8/+5 (1d10+4), or quarterstaff +13/+8 two-handed (1d6+7), or dagger +14/+9 light (1d4+7/19-20);
Ranged javelin +10/+5 (1d6+5);
SA ki strike (+1);
SQ improved evasion, leap of the clouds, purity of body, slow fall (50 ft), still mind, stunning attack, wholeness of body;
SV Fort +8, Ref +9, Will +9
Str 18(+4), Dex 14(+2), Con 13(+1), Int 13(+1), Wis 14(+2), Cha 13(+1).

SKILLS: HIDE+2, SPOT+3(1), LISTEN+7(5), MOVE SILENTLY+10(8), balance+12(10), climb+13(9), concentration+6(5), craft(Rope and Cords)+5(4), diplomacy+2(1), disable device+2(1), escape artist+7(5), heal+3(1), jump+8(4), knowledge(local)+2(1), Use Rope +10 (8), profession (City Guard)+3(1), swim+15(11)

FEATS:combat reflexes, deflect arrows, dodge, improved trip, mobility, spring attack, unarmed strike, weapon focus (quarterstaff).
Skill Extras: +2 to bind another.

Equipment: +2 Monks Staff, +2 Bracers of Armor, Feather Token (fan), Glove of Storing, Stone of Alarm, `Amulet of Natural Armor (+1), `Gauntlets of Strength +2, `Ring – Protection +1,RIng of Jumping, Potion of Bull’s Strength, Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Potion of Darkvision, Potion of Heroism, Potion of Invisibility, Potion of Truth, Potion of Vision, 31 gp.

Languages: common, dwarven.

(NOTE: I messed up big time on the time code and didn’t come out yesterday, so sorry about that!)

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