One of the Strangest Emails ever…

..this was a response on the board over at Pen, Paper and Pixel forum ( where I went after reading up on the D20 Srd site) about an email the admin BOREDFLAK got, and as I was reading the responses, this popped up:

According to the rules, each gold piece weighs 1/50 of a pound. A little conversion, and we have a weight of 0.291667 troy ounces. Therefore, at Friday’s close of $689.70 per troy ounce, a gold piece is worth about US$201.16.

A Ring of Djinni Calling has a market value of 125,000gp. Using the above values, we come up with an equivalent price of US$25,145,312.50.

So all you have to do is give him the above price as a ballpark, and tell him that the final price would depend on the current value of gold. Also tell him that supplies are extremely limited. If he does place an order, tell him you are currently out of stock, with no estimate on a restock date.

Wow, you know for that kind of many, you sorta think that it WOULD work, ya know? Of course if you had 25 Million dollar, well, shit then , whats your problem?


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