Intelligence and Monsters

This is a great article and addressed something I as struggling with both as a player and as a DM. In the long run, Intelligence will also tell if a monster or NPC could even strike back at you. Sure the big dumb troll may fight to the death , calling you a puny punk even as your about to cast burning hands on it’s limbless body, but a Mind Flayer may have an escape route or something, and believe me will plan on dining on your brain later.
That was the other bone of contention I had with INT and monster. Again the dumb troll may think about going one on one with you but a Mindflayer may decide to take you through a maze or divide the group or even teaming with the troll to get you. My DM will sometimes jsut plop the mindflayer in the middle of a room surrounded by treasure for the “Big fight” but then be a gasp as the fighter charges, the rogue tumbles to back stab, the spell caster get lingual on him before the first mindblast.
I hope people take this article to their DMs, if only to point out fo-paws.


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