NPC Thursdays: Bran the GIANT Farmer

“The Giant city and it’s Giant Farmer”

The Borel City’s cliff side came out of the fog like a emerging giant. High and omnimous, it shadowed the chittering Irokas as they moved twards Roar Tooth bay, making it appear as a mosquito buzzing by an ear.

“Damn, that shit is huge!”

Bergin’s exclamation woke Hart’s mind from looking at the impressive vista, and he almost chuckled at seeing Bergin’sjust a tad bit of fear, at the fearsome cliff sides. Hart put his arm around Bergin’s shoulder which only reached his waist, trying to comfort the halflng against such a formidable sight. Thier form a far was a Stone Giant with a huge cudgel in hand walking towards the thr field of Mage roots small face look in awe, and

“Makes you feel sort of small, ay, Bergin?”

“I’m small enough as it is, this just scares the crap out of me”

“Not to worry we won’t be long at the Spearpoint


Bran was born Karnaago the Butcher 30 years ago. As a young Stone Giant, he followed his tribe and his father into battle against the other Giant races in the Land of Talmeer, in the Mountains of Gromun. Slaying and subjecting other races to their will,Karnaago’s tribe soon ruled the several valleys in the mountain range and held it with a terrorising grip. Until a young Human druid named O’hill showed up on the front door of the tribe, demandingthier surrender. The stone giants formed a tight circle around the small human, and laughed wondering how to punish such impudence.
O’hill gave his legendary good nature to work on them explaining how it would benefit them and the other tribes to work together towards something better. Again the stone giants gave mighty roars of laughter at the little druid. Finally one came down with a boulder on toO’hill’s head, to crush from one time, when the boulder stopped in mid-air, it became clear to the Giants that this was no ordinary wandering druid.
After the clash as many of the Stone Giants were soundly beaten and left on the floor, it was Karnaago’s father, Mol-da-ur who bowed to the mighty druid, asking for mercy. O’hill was fine with this and only asked to raise the sons and daughters in a the new way of thinking in Peace, or he would come to clean them out of existence.
It was the next year when O’hill came to see Karnaago’s tribe’s progress that the was met with grim scene: their in the huts was every single tribe member slaughtered. Every single male was slain in combat and astonishingly, by something bigger. It was only because of a thunderclap that O’hill found the last member. Concealing himself as a small woodland creature, O’hill witnessed 5 Maelstrom Giants taking turns beating on a young stone giant; Karnaago. Tossing him around and beating on him, it wasn’t until they got bored that they now through lightning bolts at him. Finally, trembling to that ground the Stone Giant cried for Mercy. In the the largestMealstrom Giant stepped forward, the obvious leader, a bolt of lightning crackling in hand, laughing how such a pathetic thing could lives on this planet.
Then the Maelstrom Giants head exploded.
The Gang turned to find O’hill standing their, his good nature gone. The very forests and earth seemed to tremble with his anger. The Maelstrom Giants called upon all their wild and horrible magic and soon a battle of winds, flame and blood arose. After many an hour, when the winds died down, and a sun could finally be seen setting, O’hill, battered and a bit broken emerged victorious. It was a bitter thing, after such a loss, but when he found the young stone giant still alive he know he could make right. Taking O’hill under his wing, he helped heal and restore the young giants body and eventually his mind. ThroughO’hills contacts, he was able to find a new home for Kaaarnago within a commune of Hill, Mountain, and Arboreal Giants.
O’hill went on to many adventures and before vanishing in the battle of the Falling Sword, O’hill visited Karnaago, now taking the name Bran, for many years. Bran had grown to become a farmer supreme and having developed various system to help irrigate and grow crops in some of the harshest terrain without the aid of Magic. With that in Mind, O’hill asked him to come to Borel and help with crop problem one year after blistering droughts had destroyed crops. Bran saved the people of Borel and having found a place needing his incredible skill, Bran stayed and now helps all the co-op farming that happen in and around Borel, both with his skill and strength.

Stone giant

Bran is a good character for Nature based PC’s to know, since he will know much about the local geography, various plant bases and Minerals. Bran also has constant contact with the Copper Leaf Guild, with the many druids who come in a out of Borel, and those who won’t. He can also be par of the many cast of characters you can throw at the PCs; nothing is odder than seeing a Stone Giant slowly planting tulips in the middle of the forest.
+Rumors surround about Bran being part of a group who plan to over throw the current ruler of Borel, seeing him as a threat to the natural order of things. Bran is bit a of Luddite hen it comes to magic, so that may support it.
+Others says that helps supply a Night Hag living in the Dark Quarter with rare plants for poisons and lethal potions.
+Bran has been seen skulking about the southern forests at times, and some say that he has found a love interest their of some sort, but has not divulged to anyone who it could be.

Bran the Farmer
male giant, stone Com2/Drd1
CR 10; Size L (12 ft., 0 in. tall)
HD 14d8+84 + 2d4+12 + 1d8+6; hp 188
Init +5 (+5 Dex); Spd 40 ft.; AC 25 (+5 Dex, -1 Size, +11 Natural)
Attack +21/+16 melee, or +14/+9 ranged;

SV Fort +17, Ref +9, Will +8; AL N;

Str 34, Dex 21, Con 22, Int 12, Wis 15, Cha 18.

Languages Spoken: Common, Druidic, Giant, Infernal.

Skill points: Com 15, Drd 5
Skills and feats: Climb +14, Concentration +2, Herbalism +5, Hide +9, Jump +14, Knowledge Local +4, Listen +2, Profession: Farming +8, Pick pocket +7, Ride +6, Scry +5, Spot +5, Swim +18, Use rope +10, Wilderness lore +3; Green Thumb, [Point blank shot], [Power attack], [Precise shot], Skill focus (Profession: Farming), Human Raised

Possessions: +1 Huge Cudgel (Used as a plow), Large Leather overalls, Symbol of O’hill, and large ledger (His Almanac), Large Pencil

Druid Spells Per Day: 3/2.


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